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Ditch it all the negatives in your life here!

We perform the social function of draining the negative. Leave all negative reviews here. We accept everyone)

Deceived? Naughty? Bought a defective product? Have you been harmed? Have you been insulted? Are you being threatened? Do you feel that you are not being treated properly? You don't know what to do? Do you want to pour out your soul or complain? - welcome to the Ditch! Only here is a real bad (shit) list)

With, you can finally help a lot of people and yourself get rid of the negativity in life.

Ditch News is the Internet's main complaint book, dispute book, and submission of complaints instance. Please write. We are not the last resort for dispute resolution, but let the world know about your troubles, about how you were deceived, rude or just ruined your mood. - leave all the negativity about the institution, product, service, city, country, emotions, and damn it about everything, here, share your negativity with the world, leave all your negativity here.

Ditch news - find out where not to go and where not to go in your city, networks and the world (places, institutions, people). Share your pain. Please. Tell about.

Before you go somewhere or communicate, see if your counterpart is here)

Ditch news - you can say what cannot be said in a social network or society, the first social network with a drain of negativity.

If you were deceived, poorly served, a neighbor offended you or you want to pour out your negativity - you are here, you want to find out about a store or restaurant before you go to it, about the area or neighbors before you move or a service before you apply, or help a person ? This way. This ditch.

Ditch your negative here.

We do not pay for reviews, we do not delete for money, we do not invent or wind up complaints. Real stories of living people.

Ditch the negative, free the soul. Let's destroy bad service together.

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